Indoor Plants Add Color and Freshness To Your Home


Living plants can help to create a feeling of warmth and personality in your home.

Doesn’t matter if you have a green thumb or not, adding plants to your décor makes good sense. Don’t want to create extra work for yourself? Some living plants require very little care; or you can select from a wide variety of artificial plants that are hard to tell apart from real ones.

Indoor plants range from large trees to the small African violets, and of course everything in between. Some of the most popular indoor plants include:

  • Tropical orchids

  • Prickly cactus’s

  • Luscious succulents

  • Bulky banana trees

  • Spiky dracaena plants

  • Floppy Philodendrons

  • Flowing ivy

  • And many varieties of ferns, ficus trees and palms

Indoor plants can be positioned on the floor, on a table, sit on the shelves, or even hang on the wall or ceiling from a hook. Have some fun with the containers you use too! Just like the plants, containers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to complement any home décor. 

If you opt for live plants, talk to your nursery about about light needs of various plants may have and find out how fast each plant will grow. Learn how much water and maintenance each plant needs as well.

Think that green won’t work with your existing decor? Plants don’t just come in shades of green. You can select plants with striking hues of red, orange, pink and yellow, or whatever color! 

Make your home feel natural by adding indoor plants to your decorating plan. And if you need assistance with the Window Treatments, call Earth Care Windows!

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