Make The Dining Room The Heart Of Your Home Decor


The Dining Room is a place that makes your guests feel welcome and adds to your home’s ambiance.

The dining room is back – for a while, many people converted their dining rooms into libraries, billiard rooms or offices; they simply weren’t interested in a formal dining room. Today, though, the dining room is making a comeback as homeowners want to create a beautiful setting for dining experiences with their family and friends.

A dining room needs to be about fashion and function. Function is key, but at the same time the dining room can be so much more than just eating a meal. It can be about the experience and the ambiance people feel when they dine in your home.

Consider how you use your dining room – your table is the anchor of your room, and the chairs are key. These are long term investments that you will have forever if you purchase high quality furniture. Don’t forget a sideboard or china cabinet to store dishes, silverware and linens close at hand.

Here are some helpful tips to optimize your dining room:

  • Think about whether you need a table with leaves if you plan to entertain a crowd – size matters

  • Make sure the chairs are comfortable and the right height for your table.

  • Change the look of your table with linens and table settings.

  • Add splash to your walls with wallpaper, an accent painted wall or wainscoting.

  • Use mirrors to make the room seem bigger.

  • Plan for beautiful lighting, including a chandelier, and even wall sconces.

  • Add window treatments that provide both beauty and function, especially when the late afternoon sun is streaming in.

  • And, of course, decorate your dining room for the holidays for added cheer.

When it comes to the window treatments, call Earth Care Windows.

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