Light Up Your Home With Colored Glass


You can change the mood in your home, and attract more attention than clear glass, with this beautiful design element.

Admit it, when you think about glass objects, whether for interior design or not, you think of clear materials. You may even think of it as an invisible part of your decor, right?

Well, think again. Colored glass can add light, reflection, dimension, and sparkle to your home, all because of how your lights, or natural light, like sunlight interacts with the surfaces of the glass.

Okay now you are thinking about stained glass windows, an obvious choice. After all, they have been popular forever, bringing bright colored light into old castles, homes, churches, and other buildings. It’s a great option because stained glass can add vintage style to your home decor or even create a touch that’s modern. And stained glass can be custom designed, or created by the do-it-yourself people, for the perfect size and shape of your windows, providing a truly unique design element.

But, think outside the window for a moment. Colored glass can be used for so much more including:

  • Coffee tables and/or dining tables

  • Chandeliers or other fixtures

  • Lights and Lamps

  • A display of glass vases, bowls, bottles or figurines

  • Colored glass crystals on the floor of your fireplace or on mantles

  • Tile and floor accents or backsplashes

  • Even wind chimes, garden sculpture and tile in the garden or outdoors

Colored glass is the clear choice, pun intended, for a design update this year. It adds a  touch of light and sparkle to your interior décor! If you are going to use this design element in your home or if you are considering a total transformation, call Earth Care Window Treatments and we can assist in helping to bring together the whole look with custom window shades or window blinds.

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