Add movement and energy with Geometric shapes

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Time to think outside the box if you want a refreshing change in your home decor.

When purchasing home design elements, most of us tend to focus on square or rectangular shapes and surfaces. However, consider some of the ancient decorating styles used by Greeks, Romans and other cultures; they tended to include a lot more than just these shapes. 

Triangles, hexagons, trapezoids, parallelograms – do you even remember what some of these shapes are? Maybe now is the time for a quick refresher course in high school geometry to help spice up your home décor. Ah, but don’t forget to add diamonds, chevrons, zig-zags or even stars to the equation.

Here are some geometric shapes and patterns to add to your décor:

  • Table tops and/or table bases

  • Tile and wood flooring planks

  • Rugs and carpeting of different shapes

  • Wall coverings and draperies

  • Upholstery fabrics

  • Bedding and table linens

  • Throw pillows

  • Mirrors

  • Inlays on your wood furniture

  • Light fixtures

  • Painted wall stencils

  • And of course, window treatments

Don’t overdue the geometry; a little can go a long way at perking up a room and too much can become chaotic. Geometric patterns can look modern, retro or traditional, depending on style, color and design and can range from subtle to ultra bold in look.

Add geometric shapes to your interior design plan, it’s an angle that works! Call Earth Care Window Treatments for assistance in the Window Treatments as that’s our specialty. 

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