Home decorating with photographs can enhance the image of your house

Fresh Ideas

Photography is a great way to add freshness to your home decor.

Yes it’s true, photography is indeed a real form of art. There are many art stores where you can purchase a vast variety of great photography art — or be ambitious and create your own. It’s just as beautiful as any other form of artwork that you can display in your home, and sometimes even better to highlight certain home features such as an archway or a narrow wall.

Home display photos can range in all sorts of sizes, from super-size (such as portraits of your family, kids, dogs, or vacation pictures) to collections of miniature sized photos of almost anything.

When decorating with photos, you can:

  • Tell a family story
  • Highlight your kids or grandchildren
  • Pay homage to your pets
  • Feature the vacation places you’ve visited
  • Showcase specific things you like, such as motorcycles, dogs, old houses or maple trees

Framing can be a lot of fun too. Often the frames are just as interesting as the images, and even help to better emphasize the artwork. Go bold and ornate or opt for a simple black and white photo. Use rectangular frames to keep the emphasis on the photos themselves, or use square frames with main images. You can display photographs in a collection as well, as small as two photos to as large as you can fit across your wall or display shelves – think big.

Arrange your photographic collections in consistent horizontal vertical columns or horizontal rows, or go wild with a random arrangement. Another tip is to angle photos up a stairwell. Also pleasing are photos arranged on a shelf or a mantel, mixed with other pieces such as mirrors, vases and plants.

Photographs are a great addition to the artwork in your home and can really bring together the complete look you are going for.

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