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The use of black is a design necessity. 

It is a tried-and-true design saying that every room needs just a touch of black.
There is something about including just one element of black into a room that helps anchor the room and enhance other colors. You may not even notice it, but that touch of black can make a difference.

Black is a powerful color to work with, so it goes a long way in adding drama, sophistication and seriousness. One of the best things about using black is that it never goes out of style, even as other colors rise and fall in popularity. Your black accents will outlast all the other design elements. Exciting!

Black goes well with so many different colors, especially a cream or an off white, or even a pure white. It looks beautiful with bold tones and soft easy pastels. Some people are even decorating with black as their primary color in the overall design scheme; however, you need to be cautious about using too much black as it can be a bit overpowering if overdone.

Some ideas for a touch of black include:

  • Frames for paintings
  • Photographs or mirrors
  • Granite or marble countertops
  • Lamps and/or lampshades
  • Upholstery fabric – not too much
  • Crown molding around windows and doors
  • A window treatment, valance, top treatment or drapery rod
  • Leather covered walls or wall coverings
  • The inside surfaces of a built-in shelf
  • Wrought iron for stair railings or even bed frames

Anchor your home decor by adding a splash of black in every room this spring and see the difference!

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