More than just a sweet treat – Chocolate

Earth Care Window Treatments

It’s already a tasty treat – but now you can think of it as a bold and luscious interior design choice too

Side note: sorry if you have chocolate cravings after reading this post.

Chocolate is dark, luscious, and rich – just like the chocolate color used in interior decor. Used in a similar way as the color black, chocolate is a bold color but also has a little more interest and a bit of softness to it that black does not. This excellent color choice can communicate high-style or it can be very warm and inviting, depending how you use it.

Decorative chocolate color can be combined with a myriad of colors to enhance its beauty and flavor. Mix it up, just like how you mix the edible chocolate with different foods.

Think of all the ways you can use chocolate as a color:

  • Together with pastels, such as baby blues or light pink
  • Layer the color with several lighter neutrals, such as a cream
  • Pair it with snowy white
  • Integrate it with earth tones
  • Combine it with bold colors, such as tangerine

Like other dark colors, chocolate color works best as an accent rather than as the main color in a room. Keep in mind too that it’s important to surround large areas of chocolate with light colors to ensure that your room doesn’t appear dark or closed in.

Consider some of these design elements for a touch of chocolate in your space:

  • A painted accent wall
  • Rugs & carpet
  • Fabrics for upholstery, window treatments, and headboards
  • Tables, beds and bath linens
  • Table tops and furniture
  • Tile, backsplashes and countertops in your kitchen and bath

Ready for an interior design color that reminds you of one of your favorite yummy treats? Think chocolate for decorating this year. And if you are thinking about window treatments – call the experts at Earth Care Windows.

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